Express Rail ® Clamping Systems

ToolsPress offers the Express Rail®  family of clamping systems to reduce set up times with 2 models: Express Rail® 1000 and Express Rail® 2000.

Express Rail® is available for Wila/Trumpf style punches and dies.

In this page you can find the complete range of Express Rail®  hydraulic camping system.

Our engineering team will support you for the optimal choice of the best model for your press brake.

Express Rail® range

Express Rail® 1000

Express Rail® 1000 is the top range of Wilson Tool clamping and it is manufactured in modular segments with Nitrex ®  hardening process.

Nitrex ® is a heat-treat process that permeates clamping steel to achieve a surface hardness of HRC-70, offering unmatched durability and performance.

This patented treatment is an high endurance surface enhancement that increases clamping life by several times that of untreated steel.

Express Rail® 2000

Express Rail® 2000 is the entry level hydraulic clamping solution to optimize the set up time of the press brakes of our customers.

Benefits of Express Rail®

Express Rail®  increase productivity by reducing the set up times of the press brake and offers these key features:

- Nitrex ® unmatched durability (Express Rail® 1000)

- Quick set up for Wila /Trumpf style tools

- Exisiting press brake could be retrofitted to Express Rail® clamping system

- Fits the vast majority of press brakes (UPB, 60mm base, Z1, Z2, Z1 with wedges, special adapter to the upper ram)

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